Top 6 tips for planning the perfect football party!

October 23, 2015 0 Comments

Top 6 tips for planning the perfect football party!


1. Have a large tv. Better yet, rent a projector and show the game on a blank wall. Hook up surround sound, so you don't miss a single second.

2. Don't block the tv. This is critical! 

2. Comfy chairs. Don't forget the people in the back. Provide bean bag chairs for the people in the front and bar-back stools with for people in the back of the room. 

3. Prepare tons of snacks. Games are long and people are hungry. Use easy-to-handle and non-messy foods. Mini-sandwiches, small quiches, cut veggies and chips make great finger good. Gluten free? Use lettuce wraps instead of bread. Meatballs and bbq sounds yummy, but just imagine a full plate of saucy food flying on the carpet if someone (ahem - my husband) is overly excited about a play. Yikes!

4. Lots of drinks -- alcoholic preferred. Get fancy with a bourbon cocktail and provide a mix of craft brews. Make sure to chill the beers a couple hours before kickoff. Don't forget your designated drives - provide flavored sparking water, like Izze or La Croiz. 

5. Face paint. Get in the spirit with war stripes. Local craft stores have lots of paint options. Don't forget the brushes!

6. Decorations. Pinterest is your friend. 

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