Travel Ideas: Labor Day Getaways

August 29, 2016 0 Comments

Travel Ideas: Labor Day Getaways

Labor day has become the last vacation weekend of the summer. Most schools begin the next week, the nice weather starts to change to fall soon after, and summer is officially over. This year why not make even the last days of summer some of the best days of summer. Take your family somewhere exciting, relaxing, or educational this year to prepare them for the months of school and winter to come. HopSkipJumpPaper wants to help your family plan the perfect Labor Day getaway this year so we have collected a list of places that are great no matter what the intent of your escape is.

Exciting Getaways

For families with kids headed back to school, Labor Day is the final fun bash of the season. It is the last chance to do something they can tell all their friends about!

Cedar Point is a place we have mentioned before and will mention again. This theme park is a great way to end the summer on an adrenaline rush. Boasting more roller coasters than any other theme park in the world, Cedar Point is a great option for families with middle school and high school age kids. There is a new coaster nearly every year so even if you’ve been before you may find something new to experience this Labor Day.

The Zoo is a great place for families with younger children to head on Labor Day. Many zoos will offer special events for the holiday including zookeeper talks, interaction with the animals, and free surprises! There are great zoos scattered all across the United States. Find one close to you and take a trip on the wild side for Labor Day this year.

Relaxing Retreats

In many cases, Labor Day is the last vacation days taken until the holidays begin in November. This makes the need for a relaxing getaway as a couple or with friends absolutely necessary.

Head to The Lodge at Woodloch in Poconos, PA for a spa experience like no other. Featuring separate men’s and women’s lounge areas, steam rooms saunas for private pampering. Individual treatments from organic facials to deep tissue massage take place in 27 rooms designs with rejuvenation in mind. Yoga classes, aquasize classes, and a full service salon will keep you busy doing relaxing activities during your stay in the Pennsylvania retreat.

Try out the Crystal Springs Resort in Sussex County, NJ for a getaway that is both fun and relaxing.  Play golf on the beautiful golf course; shoot clays at the range, get a spa treatment for two, then have dinner at the award winning restaurant all without ever leaving the immaculate grounds of this all-inclusive resort.

For those on the West Coast head up to Oregon for an unforgettable experience at Overleaf Spa. Experience the calming of the Pacific ocean in one of the many hot tubs or swimming pools that overlooks the hypnotic waves of the sea. Have a therapeutic hot rock message or full body mask. You will leave this retreat renewed and refreshed this Labor Day.

Educational Adventures

For families looking for something to fit everyone’s idea of fun head to one of the awesome national parks, historic cities or fantastic museums located all over our country.

Boston has a great fireworks display planned for Labor Day this year over this historic harbor where the Boston Tea Party took place. Walk the streets of this historic city to experience revolutionary era history first hand.

Washington D.C has the largest collection of monuments and museums in our country and the best part is most of them are free! get into places like the Smithsonian and the Lincoln memorial with only the cost of your trip there. This is a great beginning of the school year outing to give your kids a remainder that learning can be very fun!


No matter where you decide to head this year for your end of summer celebration HopSkipJumpPaper has the perfect piece are artwork to announce your trip or remind you of your trip afterwards. Check out our whole collection of travel and destination art to find a piece perfect for your home this Labor Day!