I Love You From Here To NEPTUNE art print

Show your sweetheart they art out of this world when you give them this favorite planet wall art poster. This modern art makes a great gift for long distance relationships or quirky weddings! It also makes a good decorations for a science room or an astronomy lover.

small text: canis major saturn milky way mercury vulpecula uranus equuleus mars aquarius comet hale-bopp orion jupiter pluto bootes cassiopeia venus halley’s comet ursa minor comet hyakutake cepheus earth taurus tucana hercules

Your personalized art includes:
- Over 30 background colors to choose from
- Sizes range from 5x7 to 18x24 inches. Choose the perfect size for your space
- Canvas, framed and unframed options available
- Designed and printed in the US
- Only high-quality, professional materials are used to create your art
- Text changes are extra. Purchase custom text listing instead: /collections/custom

Please check my FAQ page for questions or feel free to contact me. 

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